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Imago Photographic specialise in fashion product photography for fashion e-commerce retailers, agencies and designers. It is our aim to produce the highest quality imagery with the fastest turnaround time possible. Using the latest technologies, combined with many years of experience, we are able to provide an extremely efficient and affordable, high quality fashion product photography solution for all our clients. We have expertise in invisible mannequin product shots, model and mannequin photography, 360 views, video, styling and post production. Our images are accurate, clear and beautifully produced to provide the viewer with a true and detailed representation.

Outsourcing vs In-house Photography

Why should I outsource?

Outsourcing photography allows a company to focus all its attention on its own key competencies, while tapping in to the readily available knowledge base of the experienced photography partner. Businesses that choose to do their photography in house often over simplify the process, only to realise afterwards that it is more difficult and costly than they initially thought. Often in-house product photography projects experience slower production than forecasted. This creates pressure as deadlines are missed.

Using Imago Photographic for your fashion product photography, you get access to top-notch facilities, talents with experience, ideas and the right equipment. You can tap in to and benefit from a readily available knowledge pool. We want to understand your priorities and needs, with the aim to develop a long term working relationship. We will take away the worry that product photography can bring.

Personal Service

We take time to understand your needs. Building a long term working relationship to deliver the best results.

Efficient Service

We pick up, beautifully prepare, shoot and return your products as quickly as is possible.

Complete Service

All images are colour corrected and imperfections removed, before electronic transfer to you. If you are a LOIS customer we can upload directly to your site.

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